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Reflective Safety Chevrons

Autographics Designs can supply and fit reflective chevron markings to any kind of vehicle for an added layer of safety when out on the roads. All of our chevron markings are in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs manual and we cater for:

  • Cars
  • Light Commercial
  • Trucks & Miscellaneous

Chapter 8 - Traffic Signs Manual

What is Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual?

It is a guideline issued by the Department of Transport which outlines best practices for companies operating on public highways covering a wide range of issues including High Visibility Markings. Section 5 (5.2 & 5.5) details what markings are required on any and all vehicles that need to stop on a public highway for work or inspection purposes.

Where do the chevron markings need to be?

You are required to place the high visibility film markings on the rear of your vehicle and they should consist of either:

  1. Alternating strips of fluorescent red retro-reflective and yellow non retro-reflective material which must be at least 150mm in width, with an incline of between 45-60° to the horizontal pointing upwards.
  2. A solid block of orange and red retro-reflective material.

Best practice dictates that the safety markings should cover as much of the rear of the vehicle as possible, without obscuring any of the windows, lights or the registration number plate. You should also apply red retro-reflective tape to all rear facing edges, rails or equipment lockers. For more information relating to Chapter 8 of Traffic Signs Manual, please visit the government Traffic Signs Manuals Publications page.

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